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The Making of Chocolate - Part 2 of 5

The Making of Chocolate - Part 2 of 5
After roasting cocoa beans have to be winnowed into cocoa nibs. In this second part about chocolate making, we focus on our favorite (and only) source of chocolate: cocoa nibs. 

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread
Enjoy our adaptation of the classic banana bread. Crispy on the outside, soft in the middle - we can't think of anything more enjoyable than dark chocolate banana bread.

The Making of Chocolate - Part 1 of 5

The Making of Chocolate - Part 1 of 5
In this series, we will explore each step taken at Parré Chocolat to give you a delicious dark chocolate experience.

Parré Chocolat Donates Cacao Husks to Garretson Forge & Farm

Earlier this month we donated our cacao husks for composting to Garretson Forge and Farms, a historical home and farm in Fair Lawn, New Jersey... 

A Unique Dark Chocolate Tasting At The Opera

Parré Chocolat was honored to support the New York City Opera and together we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall uprising...

Chef James Distefano Cooks Using Parré Chocolat

We recently met with James Distefano, the Master Pastry Chef of CxRA, Catering by Restaurant Associates. We received a tour of their facility in Woodside, New York and...

An Afternoon with Qiang Tu

Music and chocolate are a wonderful combination, many indulge in these two passions together and enjoy how they complement each other. At our facility we recently received a special visit from cellist Qiang Tu...

How is Wine like Chocolate? In more ways than you think.

Wine is more like Chocolate than most people think. They are both from a fruit and are fermented as a part of the creation process. There are important “flavor notes” for both (when chocolate is pure)...

Why is Vanilla in your Chocolate?

Most dark chocolate includes vanilla; not ours. Chocolate makers often include vanilla as a method to smooth or reduce bitterness arising from low quality bulk beans...

Is Chocolate Healthy?

Most of us have heard that dark chocolate is healthy. In fact, there are many nutrients and characteristics that are found to be good for you... 

Price Paid for Cacao

Even we were surprised to realize the actual cost of cocoa in most chocolate. In fact, farmers get less than 5% of the purchase price for most chocolate...