How is Wine like Chocolate? In more ways than you think.

Wine is more like Chocolate than most people think. They are both from a fruit and are fermented as a part of the creation process. There are important “flavor notes” for both (when chocolate is pure)...

Why is Vanilla in your Chocolate?

Most dark chocolate includes vanilla; not ours. Chocolate makers often include vanilla as a method to smooth or reduce bitterness arising from low quality bulk beans...

Is Chocolate Healthy?

Most of us have heard that dark chocolate is healthy. In fact, there are many nutrients and characteristics that are found to be good for you... 

Price Paid for Cacao

Even we were surprised to realize the actual cost of cocoa in most chocolate. In fact, farmers get less than 5% of the purchase price for most chocolate...

How much Caffeine does Dark Chocolate have?

 Many people have asked us about the caffeine in chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the more caffeine, but it’s not very much compared to coffee or soda. Let’s start with dark chocolate... 

Washington Post Article: "Cocoa's Child Laborers"

Our view at Parré Chocolat is that most people have no idea where their chocolate is grown. That’s because most of the industry would prefer to not talk about it. About 66% of cocoa comes from Africa where it is extremely difficult to trace the origin of the beans, the child and slave labor practices are horrific and the quality of the beans is commodity grade. The Washington Post has written a high quality investigative story looking into the Child Labor, written by Peter Whoriskey and Rachel Siegel

Bloomberg Story About Parré Chocolat

Sonali Basak wrote a thoughtful and fun story about the "Willy Wonka of Wall Street". She visited to see our chocolate being made and did a tasting!

Gary On Bloomberg News TV aired on May 24, 2019

We enjoyed welcoming Bloomberg News to our facility recently and discussing it on air.