A Unique Dark Chocolate Tasting At The Opera

Parré Chocolat was honored to support the New York City Opera and together we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall uprising. During each concert attendees were able to enjoy a dark chocolate tasting and for every purchase made we donated 10% to the opera on behalf of the audience. It was a special occasion where we all shared our love for the opera and a unique tasting experience.

As chocolate makers we had the opportunity to share our passion with a wonderful group. We sampled our 75% dark chocolate drops from the Dominican Republic and our 88% Super Dark chocolate drops. Chocolate is like fine wine; each vintage has a unique flavor profile depending on the region and year.

When tasting these two, attendees became aware of the differences in flavor notes and aromas. According to the audience our 88% makers blend held floral and fruity flavor notes, whereas our 75% drops from the Dominican Republic were characterized by a floral, light caramel taste.

At Parré Chocolat we will continue partnering with organizations who share our values and enhance their audience experiences by sharing happiness through our chocolates.

Now we would like to ask: Have you had the opportunity of tasting different cacao origins and percentages? We have the perfect tasting combinations available on our website.