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Parré Chocolat will consistently provide fresh made artisanal dark chocolate that is consistent with your restaurant's quality. 

There are multiple ways to work with Parré Chocolat to enhance your customer’s experience.

1. Dark Chocolate Tasting Dessert Options:

Dark Chocolate Dessert:

  • Offer a Chocolate Tasting Experience as a dessert plate option in the menu.
  • Customers will taste different chocolate origins, percentages of cacao, and ganache fillings.

Dark Chocolate Tasting Experience:

  • Customers will experience a dark chocolate tasting of our three different chocolate origins, and percentages of cacao.
  • A tasting card will be included for customer to write down the different flavor notes and aromas they perceive per origin.

2. Dark Chocolate Dessert & Wine Pairing Experience:

  • Dark chocolate dessert can be paired with a wine suggestion to enhance the experience.
  • We will include a Flavor Card with tasting notes and aromas per origin created by our head chocolate maker.

3. Couverture for Desserts:

  • Develop dessert recipes with our different chocolate blends.
  • You may work with Parré at our facility to Co-Develop a custom flavor profile chocolate.
  • Explore different combinations and offer your customer unique dessert options including pure chocolate.

Read more about our partnership with CxRA and the Aces Restaurant creations for US Open in our Journal.

4. Co-Branded Gift Box:

Offer a memorable dining experience with the ability to sell or gift your customers with a co-branded box of chocolates. 


5. Memorable Gift:

Provide a memorable souvenir by gifting our 11 gram bars to clients when paying. Our 11 gram bars are individually wrapped and provide a rich and smooth treat from each single origin.



Display & Selling Opportunity for Cafés

Display and sell our 11gram or 50 gram bars at cafés. A rich and smooth treat offered in each single origin, individually wrapped to grab and go.



We will continue to develop unique and memorable partnerships with different restaurants and cafés, and continue to share happiness through our chocolates.

Stay tuned for more!