Our Story

Our Mission
We are makers of pure dark chocolate.
Authentic, natural, distinctive.
We value ethical and transparent trading in every step from the cacao farm to you.



Our Dedication

  1. We have direct relationships with farmers at our origin farms.
  2. We pay farmers a premium price to enhance the sustainability of income for their families.
  3. We exclusively use "Fine Flavor Beans" which creates differentiated chocolates without artificial flavors or preservatives.
  4. Our Origin Chocolates are pure with natural ingredients limited to high quality cacao, and a bit of pure cane sugar: no preservatives.
  5. We donate philanthropically to the communities where we operate.
  6. We make our chocolate using artisanal methods developed from our experience.


    Our Beliefs:

      1. Pure natural ingredients that are as healthy as possible.
      2. Traceable steps when sourcing the origin of our ingredients.
      3. Ethical Trade practices from sourcing to shipping.
      4. Luxury and memorable experience when tasting dark chocolate.


        Chocolate Sophistication:

          1. Ten to twenty years ago the consumer began to appreciate dark vs. milk chocolate.
          2. Ten years ago the consumer began to understand how the different percentages of cocoa can play a role in the benefits dark chocolate.
          3. Consumers are learning that ethical practices in producing most chocolate are substandard, including poverty level wages and child labor.
          4. Today we are only beginning to learn that the Origin of the beans really matters in the role of ethical trading, and exploring naturally occurring flavors in pure dark chocolate adds a sense of sophistication to the palate.


            Our goal is to deliver what customers desire, and are learning to appreciate. We create products that aim to make people happy, from the Parré consumer to our famers at origin in Latin America.