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How much Caffeine does Dark Chocolate have?

Many people have asked us about the caffeine in chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the more caffeine, but it’s not very much compared to coffee or soda. Let’s start with dark chocolate. The USDA nutrition analysis of 70-85% chocolate is that there are 80 mg of caffeine per 100 grams. There is a lot more nutrition info we will get to in other posts. Here is the USDA analysis.

So if you were to eat 3 drops of our 75% chocolate you would get only about 6-7mg of caffeine. A brewed cup of coffee has about 95 mg and a Starbucks 8 oz cup has a whopping 190 mg, 25 times more than our 3 drops. Healthline has a good analysis about a variety of coffees if you want to look up yours.

 So you can feel free to eat more than 3 drops and still be getting a relatively small amount of caffeine. Maybe even have some chocolate with your coffee for a flavorful combination.

Either way will bring Happiness!