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Chef James Distefano Cooks Using Parré Chocolat

We recently met with James Distefano, the Master Pastry Chef of CxRA, Catering by Restaurant Associates. We received a tour of their facility in Woodside, New York and had the opportunity of learning all about their operations and their philosophy.

CxRA’s team works behind the Aces Restaurant during the US Open. Our partnership involves developing new dessert recipes with our chocolate, and it will be our first dessert co-developed with a pastry chef and catering company.

We had the chance to taste two desserts specially made with our Parré chocolate. The first dessert consisted of small souffle bites made with a combination of our 75% Dominican Republic dark chocolate, passion fruit and raspberry jam. The second dessert a chocolate panna cotta was served in beautiful porcelain ramekins. Our 75% Guatemalan chocolate was accentuated with a thin layer of jasmine panna cotta and garnished with devils food croutons, crushed hazelnuts and Maldon sea salt.


We are delighted that our chocolate works so well in different desserts. Each recipe accentuated the flavor notes of each origin. At Parré Chocolat we look forward to exploring different combinations and offering customers unique dessert options, including pure dark chocolate.

Look for our chocolate and the Aces Restaurant creations at the US Open.