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Who grew your chocolate?

At Parré Chocolat we are proud to work with farmers that grow and harvest our beans. Our farmer selection process is core to our approach to create Pure Luxury chocolate.

We have a partnership with Uncommon Cacao. The global leader in transparent, ethical trade with farmers in Latin America. We know each farm area where our beans are grown and Uncommon insures that the post harvest methods allow the distinctive flavors of the beans to reach their full potential.

We use only "Fine Flavor" or "Fina de Aroma" beans which represent only 6% of the World's beans. This genetic heritage goes back to the origin of cacao in Latin America centuries ago.

Beans are hand selected after fermentation and drying at the origin and then hand sorted at Parré to guarantee we only use the highest quality beans.

Charitable Involvement

We are the rare chocolate company that donates to the communities where we purchase beans. We want to make a difference in addition to paying a premium to farmers for premium beans. Sustainability Activities.